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Nonprofit Institutions, Endowments and Foundations


No matter the complexity or needs, you’ll receive strategies and comprehensive services to help meet your objectives.

Tactical asset allocation is the cornerstone of every portfolio.


Managing your assets for the long-term growth of capital fundamentally driven by your needs and objectives is our main focus.


Man talking to client at desk. Man talking to client at desk.

The legal landscape is constantly evolving.


Our team takes a proactive approach to stay abreast of and adapt to those changing laws and regulations and provides appropriate strategies to help meet your specific needs.


  • Investment management
  • Manager selection
  • Investment policy statement review and development
  • Donor and gift administration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Master custodian
  • Online portfolio access and eStatements

We consistently evaluate the market environment.


On a monthly basis, we determine which asset classes and styles have potential to offer a better risk/return opportunity. As a result, we take advantage of market opportunities by overweighting or underweighting those various asset classes and/or styles as deemed appropriate, within the context of your objectives.